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My father and family had strong reputations in boxing and high active sports and I also felt the need the channel my energies and

interests in the same matter, hence I was very active.

My initial interests in the martial arts began with some training in Goju Ryu karate under Sensei's Bob Christian and Bob Honeyball,

then Ju Jiutsu under Sensei's Jim Robinson and Ronnie Colwell, which ran in conjunction with my football career plans.  Following the

decision to end a promising professional football career after sustaining a significant ankle injury, I was drawn to Shotokan Karate to

which my elder brother was practicing at the time.  I met my Sensei Jim Brennan and began training in April 1985 and have never

looked back since, finding the challenge, discipline and style appropriate to my requirements.

I run three karate clubs in Woolton, Allerton and Wavertree passing my knowledge to date, to my students via my Sensei

and all other senior past and present KUGB instructors, including Sensei Sherry and the late great master Sensei Enoeda.

I am a qualified Judge and Referee and enjoy assisting and hopefully promoting the KUGB in a positive light.


Frank Geoffrey Cole (mostly referred to as Geoff in Karate)

Born - Liverpool

Began Training with KUGB in April 1985

Reason For Training - Enjoyed the challenge for myself, the discipline, fitness and generally the beauty of the

art itself.

Teaching for over 27 years at Woolton/Garston

Current Grade: Godan (5th Dan)

Sensei Geoff Cole 

Our Sensei